Riitta´s history in English!

Riitta childhood recollections are placed in large-scale, yellow

on crops and Kotimäen rocky garden of South Ostrobothnia

in the middle of expanse, where she walked singing with a long-shaped plains

stone in his hand; it was microphone.

Borrowed from the mother curtains are ideal for a stage-side curtains.

The venue was at the back of the home house mossy rock, or even

milk pier. Thus began the journey with music and children.

Riitta Korpela is based on a trained kindergarten teacher. She is

graduated from the pre-school music teacher in Helsinki Sibelius Academy.

In her youth, sang Riitta in Ahonkylän Flikat-girl quartet,

who performed, singing folk songs from all over Finland, but were

Also in Europe, as well as a concert for example. American tour



Ti-Ti brand operates in the background, two companies that operate

Riitta responsibility, surrounded by a good team.



Ti-Ti Production Ltd (since 1986) holds

All rights Ti-Ti brand. production to organize

every year the whole of Finland covering the concert tours,

appearances as well as producing TV programs.

Ti-Ti Production Ltd

PO Box 50, 39501 Ikaalinen


puh. 0400 698817





Ti-Ti Bear’s House Ltd (since 2001) is responsible for

teddy family house operations and its workforce.

Employees are a year-round tourist destination

employs 10 to 25, depending on the season.

Suffice it were asked to Ikaalinen teddy bear with family

in 2000 and now Ti-Ti Nalle, Tau Winnie,

Ti-Ri Baby girl with teddy bear Triplet, far as a stepmother and father under

and grandparents have lived in the beautiful

yellow Kyrösjärvi log home on the beach,

Ikaalinen Spa area for almost 15 years.

Ti-Ti Tuotanto Oy

PL 50, 39501 Ikaalinen


puh. 0400 698817




Riitta and Ti-Ti Bear’s 25 years included a lot of

the shared journey and experiences:

The year 2009 was the 20th anniversary –

a recording first came 20 years!


1989 Ti-Ti Nallen Lauluja 1

1991 Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa tapahtuu

1992 Ti-Ti Nallen Rytmiretki

1992 Ti-Ti Nallen Joulu

1993 Ti-Ti Nallen Laulutupa

1995 Rumpurei

1997 Villit rytmit

1999 Paras ystävä

2000 Riitta ja Ti-Ti Nalle-perhe

2001 Riitta ja Ti-Ti Nalle Parhaat (tupla CD)

2004 Vauhtia tassuihin

2007 Nallejamit

2008 Unilaulut

2009 Riitta ja Ti-Ti Nalle Parhaat 1

2012 Tärinähousut vauhdissa


Ti-Ti Bear’s recordings have achieved gold eight

and three platinum. Recordings have sold a total of more than half a

million copies.

Video & DVD

1994 Ti-Ti Nallen Taikarumpu

1995 Ti-Ti Nallen Joulu

1996 Ti-Ti Nallen Laulava & leikkivä kuvakirja

1997 Ti-Ti Nallen Seikkailuleiri

1998 Ti-Ti Nallen Lomamatka

1999 Ti-Ti Nalle ja Tunturin tuulet

2001 Riitta ja Ti-Ti Nalle-perhe Sateenkaaren väreissä

2001 the above video DVD versions

2002 Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa tapahtuu 1-5

2002 Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa tapahtuu – Nalleperheen


2003 Ti-Ti Nalle ja Salaisuuksien ovet

2004 Ti-Ti Nallen Joulutohinat

2004 Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa tapahtuu 6-8

2004 Ti-Ti Nalle ja Salaisuuksien ovet

2005 Ti-Ti Nallen Seikkailu Lelumaassa

2005 DVD Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa Tapahtuu 1-5 DVD-versions

2005 Ti-Ti Nallen Karaoke 1

2006 Ti-Ti Nalle ja Pikku Possu

2006 Ti-Ti Nallen Karaoke 2

2007 Ti-Ti Nalle ja Ullakon aarre

2007 Ti-Ti Nalle, Kimpsut ja kampsut 1.

2008 Ti-Ti Nalle, Kimpsut ja kampsut 2.

2009 Ti-Ti Nallen Meriseikkailu

2010 Ti-Ti Nallen Synttärit

2011 Hirsimetsän salaisuuksien yö

2012 Seikkailu Lumimaassa

2013 Turvallisuus 1

2014 Turvallisuus 2

2014 Täältä tulee Trioli

2014 Nalletalon arvoitus


Books (sold aboute 80 000 pieces)

1990 Ti-Ti Nallen Talo

1992 Ti-Ti Nallen Talossa tapahtuu

1998 Ti-Ti Nallen Laululeikit

2000 Ti-Ti Nallen Laulukirja

2003 Ti-Ti Nallen Vuodenajat

2009 Ti-Ti Nallen parhaat-lauluja ja tarinoita; mukana CD


Other productions

Ti-Ti Nalle potter books

Ti-Ti Nalle coloring books

Ti-Ti Nalle sewing photos

Ti-Ti Nalle´s wooden puzzles

Ti-Ti Nalle knob puzzles

Ti-Ti Nalle karaoke putter package

Ti-Ti Nalle balloons and the like.

Ti-Ti Nalle Uniseikkailu musical fairy taleTi-Ti Nallen ja Taun Salainen seikkailu musiikkisatu

Ti-Ti Nallen Play with rhythm

Ti-Ti Nalles adventure Songs

Ti-Ti Nalle Song Book

Ti-Ti Nalle Seasons-book

Ti-Ti Nalle first book

Ti-Ti Nallen a variety of clothing

Just Teddy Bears: Ti-Ti Nalle, Tau Winnie, Ti-Ri Baby girl with teddy bear

Triplet, far as a stepmother and father Below, Grandfather and Grandmother Winnie.

More products: www.titikauppa.fi & teddy Puoti house.


Concerts and other appearances


Riitta appearances began in 1989, tiny bit, Riitta

mother crocheting, Ti-Ti Bear with. There were only

This crochet teddy bear and accompanist. concerts were

day care centers, schools, department stores, trade fairs and

many types of cultural events. in

1994 the first recording of the Ti-Ti Nalle got a big

character next to the little teddy bear. Over the years, the family has

grown to eight members.


n the late 1990s began the large, autumn concert tours:

1999 was Riitta and Ti-Ti Nalle 10-year anniversary,

Birthday concert tour.

2000 Ti-Ti Nalle-family Forest Tour

2001 Riitta and Ti-Ti Nalle – Masters on the stage of the rainbow colors

2002 Ti-Ti Nalle and doors of Secrets

2003 Spring Ti-Ti Nalle and secrets doors extension tour

2003 autumn Ti-Ti Nalle Joulutohinat

Autumn of 2004, Ti-Ti Nalle Adventure Toy Earth

2005 autumn Ti-Ti Nalle and Little Pig

In autumn 2006, Ti-Ti Nalle and attic treasure

Autumn 2008, Ti-Ti Nalle Sea Adventure

2009 autumn Ti-Ti Nalle Birthday Parties

2010 Log in autumn forest secrets the night

2011 autumn Ti-Ti Nalle Adventure Snow on Earth

2012 autumn Hey Nallet will fly!

2013 autumn Winnie the house mystery

Here comes the spring of 2014 Triplet2014 syksyllä Ti-Ti Nallen joulu-uni


In addition, Riitta and Teddy have performances for children and the whole

family events around Finland and throughout the year

  1. a wide range of concerts, summer festivals,

fairs, department stores and private events.

In autumn 2004, Riitta, Ti-Ti Nalle and Tau Winnie visited

Switzerland Aargau Finland invited by the school, which the school

use Ti-Tin videos, and sound clips to help Finnish

maintaining children in Finnish.

In autumn, organized by Ti-Ti production major concert tours

covering the whole of Finland from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

The tour takes about 2.5 months. Tours cover about

35000-40000 spectators. Concerts, musical theater,

held in Finland’s major concert halls.

Ti-Ti Nalle family house of Experience

In June 2001, opened Ti-Ti Nalle-family house of Experience,

Ikaalinen Spa. Ti-Ti Nalle-family home

centrally located in Lake Kyrösjärvi. year-round

tourist destination offering high-quality, diversified and

educational experience of the environment for children, young at heart

and their loved ones.

Each room of the house 15 has a variety of functions, which are

all related to the musical rhythm of less than family. house

the design has been taken into account, in particular with reduced mobility

as well as other special groups and movements

acting in different rooms of the house.

The intention is that the whole family can participate in and be entertained

Ti-Ti Nalle-family home. Children are free to produce and

make experiences. Everything is not given ready, because in

by doing and by participating in the child feels the best experience,

the success of the joy and reward entrepreneurship.

Experiences house is a year-round tourist destination, which

the various functions and activities vary with the seasons


Ti-Ti Bear Experiences house also has a Ti-Ti Bear Puoti,

where you can find all the Ti-Ti Nalle family of their own products and

also Ti-Ti Nalle suitable for the world of gift items.

Hall opening hours especially during the summer teddy bear house

The ground floor is open to guests Kaffila delicious

with its products.

In the spring of 2007 opened the Ti-Ti Bear your own t-shirts, which

have over the years found a wide fan of the family home.



Winnie Family TV

In December 2001, launched the MTV3 channel on Saturday mornings

presented the TV series. all the episodes of the series have been described

Ti-Ti Nalle family in your own home, Ikaalinen. Winnie the family

playing with the children and spends much of the visitors

around Finland. Episodes have been described over the years,

with varying themes, the series is also stored on DVD.

In late 2006 started 3 MTV’s new

Junior Channel, where the Ti-Ti Nalle family adventures

almost on a daily basis.

”New dreams – that is how it

it should be in life, some

and some of them are true

is not meant to … ”


Äitinallen kadonnut baskeri

Äitinalle oli metsässä etsimässä ideoita uutta maalaustaan varten, kun tuulenpuuska nappasi Äitinallen baskerin mukaansa. Voisitko sinä auttaa Äitinallea etsimään hänen baskerinsa. Voit myös värittää kuvan. (Klikkaa kuva isommaksi, tulosta kuva, ratko tehtävä ja väritä) Äidin baskeri -tehtävä-page-001

Isänallen vasara

Voi Isänallea! Taas on vasara hukassa! Voisitko sinä auttaa Isänallea löytämään hänen tärkeän vasaransa? Voit myös värittää kuvan. (Klikkaa kuva isommaksi, tulosta kuva, ratko tehtävä ja väritä)
Puuhatehtävä: Isänallen vasara

Puuhatehtävä: Isänallen vasara

Pikkunallejen syksyn lehdet

Pikkunallet ovat keränneet syksynlehtiä. He kuivattivat ne suuren kirjapinon alla, kahden paperin välissä ja kiinnittivät ne sitten paperille. Mutta kuinkas kävikään? Ti-Ri Vauva pääsi sotkemaan lehtikasan ja nyt ne ovat sikin sokin. Voisitko sinä auttaa pikkunalleja laskemaan lehdet ja värittämään ne syksyn kauniilla väreillä? (Klikkaa kuva isommaksi, tulosta tehtävä, laske lehdet ja väritä)
Puuhatehtävä syksynlehdet

Puuhatehtävä syksynlehdet