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The Family of Ti-Ti® Nalle

The Family of Ti-Ti Nalle has delight Finnish families for over twenty years. Along with their creator Riitta, the features of Ti-Ti Nalle Family have established their position in the field of children’s world and culture. The music and stories of Ti-Ti Nalle family are very popular and they are being offered in many different formats. Children can also meet real Ti-Ti Nalle and the rest of his family in their home, the House of Ti-Ti Nalle Family in Ikaalinen or in concerts which are being organized around Finland throughout the year. Ti-Ti Nalle® is also a registered trade mark.

The family of Ti-Ti Nalle contains eight members. All of them are very artistic and fond of music. All the teddies also have their own musical rhythm.

Ti-Ti Nalle was the first and still is the most loved feature in the Ti-Ti Nalle family. At the age of six, Ti-Ti Nalle is always ready for learning something new. He is very energetic and happy and with his actions, Ti-Ti Nalle often takes his whole family into funny and exciting adventures. Ti-Ti Nalles musical rhythm is:

Tau Nalle is Ti-Ti Nalles little sister and has just reached the age of four. Like his big brother, Tau Nalle is constantly anxious for new adventures. Sometimes, however, Tau Nalle likes to be alone in silence. That’s why her musical sign means having a break:

Grandfather Nalle is an old musician and in his youth he has performed as a composer. His main instrument are the drums. Grandfather Nalle has two musical signs:

Grandmother Nalle is the charisher of folklore. She takes care of the whole teddy family and their guests. Grandmother loves telling and hearing stories and only sometimes she has difficulties with her back. The musical sings of Grandmother Nalle are the same as Grandfathers:

Mother Nalle has dedicated herself to arts and spends most of her time in her atelier. Her whole appearance is a reminder of a big artistic soul and she is said even to move like a painting brush. Mother Nalles musical sing is:

As much as Mother Nalle likes to spend her time painting, Father Nalle likes to do joinery work. In the big old house of Ti-Ti Nalle family there’s of course always something to fix and Father Nalle is ready for the work. His musical sign is also:

The Baby Ti-Ri is the youngest and smallest in Ti-Ti Family. Ti-Ri is only two years old and still spends most of her time taking naps. At this moment, Ti-Ri is learning to walk and never leaves anywhere without her green big dummy. Ti-Ris musical sign is:

The girlteddy Trioli is the very newest member of the family of Ti-Ti Nalles. This little ballerina with a long curly hair know how to dance immediately after she was born. Sometimes little Tau Nalle has been very jealous of Triolis curly hairs. But despite everything they are still very good friends.

Riitta Korpela

The creator of the whole Ti-Ti Nalle Family is a Finnish woman called Riitta Korpela. With her songs and stories, ‘Aunt Riitta’ has familiarized thousands of children with the world of Ti-Ti Nalle Family. When doing her life work with children, Riitta still often tells that the family of Ti-Ti has been “her dream come true”.

Riitta’s education is both kindercarten and music-play school teacher. Since her childhood Riitta has loved singing and performing and in her youth Riitta sang in quartetto called “Ahonkylän flikat”.

For years, the two most important things for Riitta have been children and music. These elements are strongly presented in the family of Ti-Ti Nalle, and the positive feedback from the children and their parents, still keeps Riitta going.

During the years, Riitta has published eleven Ti-Ti Nalle records, fifteen video cassetes and five books. Of the records, seven have reached the line of gold, and three the line of platinum record. The Ti-Ti Nalle Family vcr’s have sold about 400 000, and the Ti-Ti Nalle Family books about 50 000 pieces.
The Ti-Ti Nalle® Production

Nowadays the products concerning Riitta and the whole Ti-Ti Nalle family are being produced by a company called the Ti-Ti Nalle Production. Besides records, vcr’s and story books the Ti-Ti Nalle product collection contains also for example colouring and sound books, puzzles, xylitol gum and textiles.

The Ti-Ti Nalle Production organizes also the performances of Riitta and the Ti-Ti Nalle Family. Besides the individual concerts organized, during the past six years Riitta and the whole Ti-Ti Nalle Family have been “on tour”. These tours have been very popular, for example in autumn 2003 about 40 000 children and parents saw the Ti-Ti Christmas show.

The next tour of Riitta and the Ti-Ti Nalle Family named “Ti-Ti’s adventure in the Toy Land” is organized autumn 2004 and contains 38 concerts around Finland.
The House of Ti-Ti® Nalle Family

Since the summer 2001 the Ti-Ti Nalle Family has had its home in southwest Finland, in Ikaalinen. This old timber house, located by the lake Kyrösjärvi and the area of Ikaalinen Spa, has been ideal as the home of the Ti-Ti Nalle. Close cooperation with the Ikaalinen Spa and the town of Ikaalinen gives the house also the oppurtunity to be open for visitors and tourists the whole year.

Most of all, the House of Ti-Ti Nalle Family is planned to offer unique experiences for its guests. Also the guests with special needs are taken into notice. That’s why there are different kind of actions especially planned for people who are motionally, visually or aurally disabled.

The house has about 15 rooms that let children and their parents experience different kind of events. Children can for example paint, practice joinery work, listen stories, dance, hear the silence, play different kinds of instruments, learn the notes and lots of more. The members of the Ti-Ti Nalle family are, of course, along in kids’ action and seeing, feeling and hugging the real teddies is a huge experience for most of the children.

For the past three years, the House of Ti-Ti Nalle Family has also been the scene of the popular children TV-serial called the Ti-Ti Nalle. This program is shown on national TV-channel MTV3 Saturday mornings and is one of the most popular children TV series in Finland.

”nalle” is a Finnish word for teddy